How much does ThoroVet cost?

How Much Does ThoroVet Cost?

Each veterinarian in your practice is a "user". Several users can be accessed and overseen by one administrator/user with various settings and restriction options for additional vets/users.

ThoroVet is $99.00 USD per month, for a single vet practice, 2-4 vet practices are $199.00 USD/month, or $249.00/month for a 5-7 vet practice. There is no additional cost for your office / staff users.

We do have additional upgrade options such as priority live support, zoom training, and more. You can learn more about those options, {HERE}.

Why can’t I just pay once to download and install the software?

ThoroVet is subscription based because it’s more than software. We provide tech support, personalized customer support, complete data storage, and the ability to integrate your work in the field with your work in the office. We are ALWAYS working on enhancements and making ThoroVet the best Equine Veterinary Software available in the world, for the ambulatory and mobile vet!

With your subscription, you get free software updates, and we are always updating based on our user feedback. You get unlimited data storage and full use of the ThoroVet program on each user’s iPad, as well as from your office computer. See the full list of features, here.

Is there a contract?

The commitment to ThoroVet is a month-to-month subscription that requires a 30 day notice if you wish to cancel for any reason. We are confident that ThoroVet will have a meaningful impact on your business! You may cancel at anytime. There are no long-term contracts. We make it easy. We even offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee!

How will ThoroVet save me money?

ThoroVet will have the most immediate impact on your office expenses, by cutting costs associated with transcribing handwritten notes, generating invoices, and organizing files. This is true whether you do that work yourself or you pay a support staff. As a veterinarian and a business owner, your time is very valuable. ThoroVet ensures billing accuracy every time, and because the invoice is generated on-the-spot, it gets to the customer faster and you get paid faster. This leads to increased cash flow and more time to treat more patients.

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