Creating Estimate Bill Preview of Charges

You can generate a preview of charges when a customer would like an estimate or a trainer would like to see charges before an invoice is sent out to an owner. This can be done from the Web Admin or directly from ThoroVet's fully functional mobile app.

*Helpful Tips*

1. Create an evaluation or evaluations and then close them without an invoice, if you are on the ThoroVet app you must sync to the cloud for the preview/estimate to generate from the Web Admin.

2. When you have finished the evaluation draft as your estimate/preview phase and no longer need that Eval (for example, the customer declines treatment), simply delete that evaluation to remove it from your system.

Step-by-Step Tutorials for both the Web Admin and Mobile App are below:

From the Web Admin:

Step 1. 
To generate a Preview of Charges/Estimate, the user will need to create an evaluation(s), choose the charges to add to the Eval, and then "close the Eval without an invoice". 
Step 2. 
To access the preview, from the Web Admin, go to the Invoice Section ($ icon), and click on Manage Invoice > then click on "Billing Preview". You will be able to choose between a Trainer or Owner, you will also be able to sort by specific Trainer or Owner all the way to specific evaluations.

Step 3. 
Click the plus sign (+) to see the evaluations that are available for preview for that particular customer or trainer, choose all or a specific date range. 

*Filters by Owner / Trainer / Which Horses / Multiple Owners as shown in these examples:

Step 4. 
Once making your selection(s), click "Preview Bill" which will pull up the report with Practice info, customer, where it is going, and the evaluation(s) with the patient's name, owner or trainer and total at the bottom.

From the Mobile App:

1. From the home screen on the mobile app, tap on "Billing Preview" from the left menu.

2. You can choose to view your estimates under Trainers or Owners, as well as filter by date range. You can tap on a specific bill to preview by tapping on the Trainer/Owner's name, or "Preview All" button to see all of them on one screen. If you Preview All, you can tap on the Trainer/Owner's name on the left menu to swap between estimates.

3. Once you have selected the estimates you wish to send, tap Continue, then select "Share" or "Email" from the prompt box to send or share however you would like. You can also use the filters and the ellipsis (3 dots next to each name), when you click that it brings up the “share/email” function.

When a trainer or customer has multiple bills to preview, you can simply tap on the customer's name from the list (left) to view that specific estimate.


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