Ownership History

Viewing Ownership History and Creating Ownership Reports

You can view the full history of ownership on a patient, including the start and end dates, percentage, and export a report as a PDF or Excel file. 

This can be done from the Web Admin.

Step 1

Go to a Patient Profile. Click on the "Owner History" button at the bottom left menu. This will give you a list of owners within that patient profile.

Step 2

To create an end date for the owner, navigate back to Owner tab and click Update/Remove Owners. You will need to remove an owner (delete as current owner) to give them an end date. (You can add an owner back later if this is a one-time billing scenario such as for insurance billings.) When you delete an owner from the Patient profile, they will not be deleted from the Customer list in the system, just as a current owner for that patient, moving to the Owner History as a past owner instead.

Step 3

To run a report, click on the PDF or Excel spreadsheet icon at the top of the Customer History page.


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