Syncing the App to your Web Admin

Syncing the Mobile App data to your Web Admin

The syncing of ThoroVet will allow you to transfer data between the iPad App and the main system on the Web. This is a two-way data transfer, meaning that data created on the App will transfer up to the Web site, in addition data created/changed from the Web site will be downloaded to the App.

It is recommended to Sync often to keep data in sync between the App and Website. The amount of data being synced can vary depending on the size of the system and file attachments. We recommend to only sync over Wi-Fi networks and not through the use of mobile data plans to avoid using up large blocks of data from a mobile plan which routinely has less data available without extra charges being applied.

The App will automatically sync the first time you log into it while connected to Wi-Fi.

To manually Sync on-demand you can access the Menu options in the upper left-hand corner of the app and then tap on Sync. Once open you'll see a summary of data that will be sync from the iPad. When ready Tap the Sync Button.

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