Exam Process (Evaluation) & Batch Evaluations (Web Admin)

How to Create an Evaluation During Exam Process & Batch Evaluations (From the Web Admin)

Evaluations are a main function of ThoroVet. From Evaluations you can create your medical records as well as generate an Invoice for products and services performed during the Evaluation.

This Tutorial Includes:

  1. How to Create an Evaluation (Exam) & Options Through SOAP Process (Web Admin)
  2. How to Create a Batch Evaluation (Exam) from the Web Admin


  • To Access Evaluations, click on the Evaluation button on the left-hand toolbar or select Evaluations from the Main Menu button from the Web Admin.
  • Once within the Evaluations section you’ll have various operations/ tasks that can be performed such as starting a New Evaluation, reviewing previous Evaluations across multiple statuses or even deleting a previous Evaluation.

1. How to Create an Evaluation & Options Through SOAP Process

*These steps are specific to the Web Admin. The Mobile App SOAP Process is very similar.

Start Evaluation – This will begin a new Evaluation

  • Click the Start Evaluation button.
  • Select Patient(s) you will be performing an Evaluation on.
    • Selecting Multiple Patients Will Create a Batch Evaluation. This will be further defined later in the guide.
  • Click Start Evaluation
  • A New Evaluation will now be open to work within
    • Treatment History – This will pop up a screen for you to review previous treatments associated with this patient.
    • Subjective Tab - Here you can Select your Subjective Item(s) by checking off each item. This will populate the center pane with the item and a couple of additional options
    • Description – Add a description for this Subjective Item
    • Notes – Add Free Text notes relating to this Subjective Item
    • Click the Picture Button to add a Picture relating to this Subjective Item
    • If you prefer you can click on the Subjective Notes at the bottom of the screen to add free text describing your subjective recordings.
  • Objective Tab – Here is where you will be able to make your medical record recordings
    • Choose Objective Template by clicking the Choose Template Button. This will control the type of medical recordings you can make. You can create/edit templates as needed (Add Link). You can pick multiple templates if needed.
    • Once a Template is chosen you will see the various recordings that are possible based on the template. Go through and complete the recordings as needed. Next to each section is a free form note field if you want to add additional information relating to the recording.
    • If you prefer you can click on the Objective notes section at the bottom of the screen to have a free text field to type in your objective findings.
  • Assessment Tab -Here you can add your assessment for this case
    • You can search for one using the search box or Expand the different assessment categories and check the assessments that apply.
    • Once you have selected an Assessment it will appear in the center pane and allow you to add additional notes relating to the assessment.
    • If you prefer you can click on the Assessment notes section at the bottom of the screen to have a free text field to type your assessment into.
  • Plan Tab - Here is where you will be able to add Plan Items/Charges based on the products and services completed during the Evaluation. To edit plan items, review the Managing Plan guide.
    • To Add a plan Item –
      • Use Search Box to find the Plan item you wish to add and check it.
      • Expand the Plan Item categories to find the items based on category
      • Once an Item has been added it will appear in the center pane.
      • Adjust the Quantity using the Quantity field and typing in the new Quantity or use the Up/Down Arrows
      • Add Notes relating to the item
      • You can edit or add a new plan item here as well with the + sign.
  • Discharge Summary
    • Here is where you can create a discharge summary to present the customer relating to your evaluation that day.
    • Discharge Summary Items – This section will auto populate based on the selected Assessments.
    • You can add Discharge Notes relating to each of these items. These notes can also auto populate based on the assessment. To manage the auto populated discharge notes see Managing Assessment guide.
    • Discharge Summary Notes – Click on the Discharge summary notes section at the bottom of the screen. Here you can type discharge instructions for the customer.
  • Save & Close – This button will Save and close the Evaluation but will not generate the corresponding Invoice
  • Create Invoice – This is a drop-down button with two options
  • Create Invoice – This will save the Evaluation and Create the corresponding Invoice. See Invoicing Guide for more information on invoicing.
  • Delete – Will Delete the Evaluation

2. Batch Evaluations (From the Web Admin)

(Looking for Batch Evaluations from the Mobile App? View Tutorial Here)

Start Batch Evaluation – Batch Evaluations are available when you’re seeing multiple patients and performing the same treatments. This also allows you to have multiple horses under the same owner(s) for a single invoice. *If a horse has split ownership, it will apply correctly and each of those owner's will then have an invoice created during this process with their appropriate total.

  • You will begin the Evaluation process the same as above, except you can check off multiple patients that you will be seeing.
  • During a Batch Evaluation you will only have the Plan section available (not Subjective, Objective, Assessment). If you need to adjust specific plan items or details for one horse within the batch, you can open their SOAP (full exam) to add as needed. Just click on the "ALL" box to open all horses of that Batch Eval and toggle between them for individual SOAPs, adding more Plan items to specific horses, etc.
  • This can also be done from the Day Sheet on the Mobile App. (See Tutorial Here).

From Web Admin - Start Eval > Select multiple horses from same owner(s) to do a Batch Exam. Select your Plan items (products/services) to apply to each horse. (You can add more items for one horse in the next step).

If needed you can add additional treatments to individual patient(s) within a batch evaluation and go through a full SOAP Evaluation.

To do this, click on the ALL button at the top next to Batch Evaluation and select a specific patient. This will allow you to access this specific patients individual Evaluation. Items that have already been chosen for ALL patients within the Batch Evaluation will appeared grey-ed out for an individual horse while you work through their separate SOAP process.  

You can toggle between a specific horse and ALL the horses in the batch evaluation, by clicking on the horse’s name/ALL button (top left) and selecting the horse or ALL option. Everything auto-saves as you work through the process.

When you go to Invoice, you will see all the horses with their Batch items, and then the separate horse(s) with their additional items.

As you toggle between horses, it opens up their specific Exam. You can go through the SOAP, just add more Plan items, etc. When you go back to ALL, you can either save/close the Eval to finish later, or Preview/Finalize as an invoice. This next step shows that we have moved onto the Preview/Finalize step of these two horses. "Seti" we've added to additional Plan items. "Token Rise" has a 50/50 ownership, so his other owner "John Smith" is now added to the invoices with his portion for "Token Rise's" bill.

When on the Evaluation screen from the Web Admin, you can see which Evals are Batch with the indicated title next to them.  Clicking on the "Batch" button allows you to re-open that batch Eval. 

If you have only previewed the invoice and not yet finalized it, this is where that would appear as well so you can finish up the invoice: 

Here is the example invoice from this Batch Eval for Holly Hill, owner of both horses but only 50% owner of "Token Rise":

"Token Rise" owner, John Smith also has an invoice with his 50% portion of "Token Rise":

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