Manage Appointments & Calendar

Manage Appointments / Calendar

The ThoroVet calendar allows you to view and schedule your appointments.

To Access the calendar, you can click on the calendar button from the Left-Hand toolbar or from the Main Menu button.

Navigation – On the calendar there is a toolbar that contains the options for navigating around the calendar.

  • Today – the button will bring you back to Today's date based on the current View of the Calendar.
  • Left/Right Arrows – moves the view being shown forward or backward. For Example, if on month View using the arrow will move the entire view forward or backward a month.
  • Date Selector – This allows you to jump to a specific Date based on the selected view. For Example, if you pick a date in November and are on a Month view it will show November.

Views – You can change the different views of the Calendar on the same toolbar that contains the navigation options

  • Day – Will show a single Day
  • Work Week – Will show a Monday – Friday view
  • Week – Will show a seven-day week
  • Month – will show an entire month
  • Agenda – will show upcoming appointments only
  • Timeline – Shows a Day view horizontally 

Creating Appointment – You can create appointments from within the Calendar. These appointments will then show on the Day sheet within the App as well as on the Dashboard when logging into the Web site. You can also create an appointment from the Quick Add menu.

  • Find the Day you would like to make an appointment for and double click. This will open the Create appointment form to be filled in.
    • Title – Name of the Appointment which will then be displayed on Calendars within ThoroVet
    • Appt. Type – Can pick the type of appointment it is. This list can be managed in the Manage Pull Down list(Add Link)
    • Day Sheet – Is checked by default. This will make the appointment visible within the App’s Day sheet view.
    • Vets – The Vet seeing this appointment. If you have multiple vets in your system you will be able to pick from a drop down or if there is only one it will be pre-selected.
    • Customers – Click this box to search for the customer that appointment is for. The customer needs to be already created at this point. If not, the Quick Add is a more efficient way to Create the Customer, Patient and Appointment (Link)
    • Patients – Once you select customer all that customer’s patients will be available in this box.
    • Location – If there are associated locations to the customer/patients i.e. barn you will be able to select it within this box.
    • Items – From this menu you can add Plan Items to the appointment. These items will then be pre-loaded into the Day sheet on the App for ease of billing.
    • Start – Time the appointment starts
    • End – Time the appointment ends
    • All Day – Check box if it is an all-day appointment
    • Repeat – Ability to set this as a repeating appointment
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Yearly
    • Description – Free Text box to provide some additional information relating to this appointment.

Editing/Viewing Appointment – If you hover over an appointment you can get a tool tip showing some additional information. If you want to see more details or edit the appointment, double click on it. That will bring up the appointment screen where you have access to additional details or to edit the information associated with that appointment. See previous section for definitions on each field within this window.

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