GVL EIA Coggins Documents

Creating and Managing EIA Coggins Documents through Global Vet Link (GVL) Integration.

*Note you must have an active account with GVL and have linked your GVL account to ThoroVet during the set-up process. If you have not linked your account, you can do so from the Web Admin under Manage Account > GVL.

Once you have linked your GVL account to ThoroVet. You can then initiate a Coggins certificate and view the results from within ThoroVet. Below you will find the instructions to initiate the certificate and ultimately view the results.

Creating Patients/Clients for GVL

Step 1 - Navigate to: Patients-->Select Patient ---> Coggins tab

Step 2 - Create/Link Patient in GVL - This window will populate with a list of horses from your GVL account that may be possible matches to your selected patient from your ThoroVet account. If there is a match, select the patient from the list. If no match is present then click continue to create the patient within GVL.

Step 3 - Create/Update Patient Details - In the next window you'll be prompted to update the selected patient details by clicking the pencil icon. These will pull in from the Patient record within ThoroVet. If you have added markings/photos they will be pulled in automatically. These fields are required by GVL to initiate the certificate. Once finished editing the patient details, click Save.

Step 4 - Optional Step - You can confirm the patient was created within GVL by logging into your GVL account and clicking on the Animals Tab.

Step 5 - If there are no owners associated to the patient in GVL then you will need to associate an owner with the patient. You are given a list of customers from within GVL that may be matches based on the owner within ThoroVet. Selecting the customer from the ThoroVet list will associate the owner to the patient within GVL. If a match does not exist, you will need to click the continue button to create and associate an owner within GVL.

Creating Lab Test -

 Once you have a Patient linked properly to GVL you will then be able to initiate a Coggins Test/Certificate.

Step 1 - Navigate to: Patients-->Select Patient ---> Coggins tab - This will now display the following screen instead of the Patients screen.

Step 2 - Choose the Lab you would like to create a test through, from the drop down box. Fill in all required information and then click Create Test. 

Step 3 - Once a test has been created. You will need to eSign the test from within your GVL account. Click on the EquusLINK tab in GVL to show this view. Here you can see the lab you have just created in the Drafts tab. Click on the Draft document to open it and complete any required fields.

Step 4 - Click the settings icon in the Owner box and then click Edit Contact.

Step 5 - Check the Consent form box and click the Update button.

Step 6 - eSign the Document by clicking the eSign button. Once you have e-Signed the test within GVL. You can print the submittal form within GVL or from ThoroVet. To do so within Thorovet, navigate back to the Patient Record -->EIA Documents tab and click the submittal form button.

Checking Status / Viewing Signed Certificate Results

Step 1  - Navigate to: Patients --> Select Patient ---> EIA Documents Tab

Step 2 - If the status is Signed you can then download the certificate by clicking the 'Get Certificate' button. You can also download it from GVL.

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