Manage Account Users, Staff, and Permissions

Manage Account Users, Staff, and Permissions

From the Web Admin > Manage Account > Account Users

The account users section will allow the account administrator to create additional users that can access the system. Each user can be set up with roles to help identify what the user may or may not be able to do within the system.

This chart shows you what each role can/cannot do. You can have multiple page roles per person.

To Access Account Users, click on the Manage Account button on the toolbar or from the main menu button.

Once you are in Account users you will see a list of the current users associated with the account. From there you can edit an existing user or create a new user.

Creating Users –

 If you want to add additional users that can access the system and perform work click on the Create User Button. This will pull up a form to fill out. The Email address and Password will be the user’s login information to ThoroVet.

Roles allows you to manage what the user can do within the system.

System Admin –

Account Admin

Generate Invoice –

Office Admin –

Once finished click on the Create button and the user will now be added to the system and can access ThoroVet. 

Editing Users –

 You can also edit existing user information. To do so click on the View Details button of the user you wish to edit. Once you have a user open you will be able to perform the following edits.

  • Edit the User First/Last Name.
  • Edit the Email Address. Which is also the username needed to log into ThoroVet.
  • Edit the User Roles. See role definitions under Creating Users.
  • Lock Account – If you no longer want this user to be able to access the system.
  • Change Password – Reset/Change a user’s password.
  • Delete User – This will completely remove the user from the account. Historical information may be lost.

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