What does ThoroVet do?

In summary, ThoroVet is a cloud-based, comprehensive medical record and billing system with the power of a Quickbooks® Online sync, designed to move as you move - even on that remote farm call, right from your iPad! Created exclusively for Ambulatory Equine Veterinary Practitioners.

ThoroVet holds a portfolio of the horses you treat, walks you thru a comprehensive full SOAP examination or allows you treat horses on the fly with the day sheet or simply add a product to the Plan such as dispensed medication. Generate invoices on the spot, access your medical records right from the iPad (even without an internet connection!) and much more.

To really get a feel for what ThoroVet has to offer, check out this demo video or schedule a one-on-one demo call with us to learn more and see if ThoroVet is right for your practice.


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