What do I need to use ThoroVet? Do I need Wifi?

What do I need to use ThoroVet? Do I need Wifi/Hot Spot/Cellular Plan? What about data storage?

ThoroVet was designed to be easy to use, affordable to use, and not require expensive start-up costs or costs to maintain your software!

You will need a computer or laptop for your "Office Admin", and an Apple® iPad (made in 2017 or sooner).

ThoroVet can be accessed from the office on any Mac, PC, or Laptop, and the app is exclusively for iPad, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro use at this time. ThoroVet's app can only be downloaded from the Apple App Store. You will need one iPad per user if users will be accessing the system at the same times. Most iPads made in 2017 and newer, with a minimum of iOS 11 or newer, will work with ThoroVet. The amount of data (images, videos, documents, case documents and files) stored on your iPad itself (including storage within the case documents within a patient) will be dependant on the amount of storage your ipad offers. It is recommended to have an iPad with a minimum of 32 GB of storage. The greater storage, the more case documents you can store on you iPad such as lameness exam videos, radiograph JPEG images, etc. ThoroVet offers unlimited data storage in the cloud.

I’m not computer saavy. Will I be able to use ThoroVet?

Yes! ThoroVet is extremely user-friendly and requires no IT knowledge. We do the technical stuff for you, and our support team can answer any questions, any time.

Where is my data stored and is it secure?

All of your data is stored on our encrypted servers, and remains accessible to you at all times without using any of your hard drive space. Your information is backed up daily and encrypted to the highest standards.

What happens to my files if I cancel my subscription?

If you decide to cancel, your data will be stored for at least 7 years, and will remain viewable for 90 days. If you are no longer a ThoroVet subscriber, you will not be able to make changes or use the program, but you will be able to see information previously entered for 90 days.

Do I need another cellular line?

No. ThoroVet will work on wifi. You can have full access to ThoroVet via a hotspot or most cell phones act as a wifi hotspot, however you can use ThoroVet in the field without any wifi access and sync later when you are back at the office, or able to connect to wifi.

What if I don't have an internet connection, will ThoroVet still be functional?

No internet connection, no problem. Even if you are at the most remote farm or on the backside of a track and cannot connect to the internet you can still enjoy 90% of the functionality of the ThoroVet. Perform your examinations on your patients, create the medical record and treatment history, automatically generate invoices, upload images and video, view case documents, view patient history, view a client's profile including standing balance, add  notes, add a discharge summary, and more. When you do return to civilization, simply connect via wifi or cellular and ThoroVet will sync everything you have done throughout the day, updating your admin section of the system and syncing with "the office". Anyone in the office can log into the Web Portal from any web browser, on any computer, to access the updated data. This includes QuickBooks Online. Once you connect to WiFi and Sync with QuickBooks Online, your office staff can immediatly access those invoices, run payments, apply payments, and more. If you are still in the field, that information will sync right back to your iPad in real time after each sync.

You will however, need an internet connection to use Stripe to store/process credit card payments, complete your electronic coggins through GVL, and sync any recently updated data with QuickBooks Online.

How do I get customer support?

Every vet practice in the ThoroVet family receives customer service and technical support from ThoroVet with their subscription. If you need help now, you can contact our support team, access the support portal online, for easy to understand images, videos, and step-by-step answers to all of your questions!

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