Getting Started Checklist

Getting Started Checklist:

To get started with ThoroVet you will need to first set up the system. Below is a Quick Start checklist to help guide you along the process.

  • You will need both a computer to set-up the majority of your Web Admin, and your iPad for syncing and setting up the mobile portion. You can download the mobile app from the Apple App Store from your iPad.View guide on downloading the app and logging in { HERE }
  • Manage Account
    • Add/Edit Practice Details
    • Add Logo
    • Create/Connect Stripe Account
    • Connect QuickBooks Online Account
    • Add/Edit Users
  • Set-up (or Sync from QuickBooks) your Products/Services Pricing (*this must be done first before the below steps).
  • Set-up Customer List
  • Set-up Patient List
  • Review/Edit SOAP
    • Set-up Plan
    • Review/Set-up Subjective
    • Review/Set-up Objective
    • Review/Set-up Assessment
  • *Reminder, you must add your practice e-mail to the Mail app on your iPad in order for ThoroVet to send e-mails from the mobile application. Click Here to view the How-To Guide from Apple.

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