Creating Statements in QuickBooks

Running Statements in ThoroVet/QuickBooks

To learn how to show aging and customize your statement layout, { Read Here }.

Step (1)

Login to QuickBooks Online and start from the Dashboard.

Step (2)

Move mouse to Invoicing then to Customers and select.

Step (3)

You can now see all of your customers. Click on the column titles to change the sort order, such as clicking on Customer column title can continue to change the sort from alphabetical A-Z, or Z-A. Clicking on Open Balance will sort from lowest-to-highest, or click again to view highest-to-lowest, and so forth. This can help you find the customers with a balance due (such as largest balance due). You can also type in the Search box to find specific customers by name.

Step (4)

Select 1, a few, or all of your customers to generate statements for those customers. Then click on the Batch Actions drop down menu and select Create Statements.

Step (5)

You now can adjust date range and preview, print and/or email the statements to your clients. If you are missing an e-mail address, QuickBooks will notify you on which customers are missing an e-mail address before you proceed, or skip them. You can Print or Send (e-Mail) your statements in batch actions.  You can adjust some of the statement layout settings such as if you want all details (horse's name, treatment, etc) listed on a statement, or just the single line transactions (invoice number, date, total due) within QuickBooks {Read How Here}.

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