Getting started with ThoroVet. You will need to register your account and get your practice information set-up.

To Register your account please visit the website by clicking here. For Beta Users input the code you have been provided.

To complete the registration, fill in the appropriate information within each section. You will be able to edit this information later as needed.

Section 1 – Practice Information

This section requires basic information relating to your practice. The information entered will help identify your practice as well as showing on printed material such as invoices. You will have an opportunity to add a practice logo once the account has been created.

Section 2 – User Information

This section will be creating your ThoroVet user which you will use to log into the Website as well as the iOS app. The User created at this time will be the primary user and administrator for the account. You will have an opportunity to add additional users to your account.

Section 3 – Billing Information

The Billing Information will be used in conjunction with the Credit Card you elect to use for your monthly ThoroVet Subscription. If it is the same as the Practice Address you can utilize the Same As Practice Address check box.

Section 4 – Credit Card Information

In this section you will need to enter a credit for your monthly ThoroVet subscription. This will go through the payment gateway of Stripe. The Stripe payment gateway will also be available to your practice to take payments through the system. You will be able to update this information from the Account details within the website.

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