Manage Practice Account Details

Manage Your Practice Account Details

You can edit your account details from within the web site enabling you to edit the Practice details, Add/Change your Practice Logo and update the credit card used for your monthly subscription to ThoroVet.

To access account details, you can use the toolbar on the left side of the site and click on the Manage Account button or use the Main Menu button in the top left-hand corner and click on Manage Account.  Manage Account will provide access to all the different areas of set-up for ThoroVet. We will be re-visiting this section throughout the Setup Guides.

Once you have accessed the Managed Account page you will then find the section for Account Details.

There are three main items that can be edited from Account Details.

Practice Information – The details associated to your practice can be altered as needed. This includes Practice Name and Address information. Once you have changed the practice information click the save button.

Practice Logo – Here you can add a logo for your practice. This logo will appear on invoices and client facing documents. The logo can be in one of two formats; .png or .jpg. To upload/change the logo, click on the Add Logo button. This will bring up a file explorer screen. From there you can find your logo from your local computer and upload it to ThoroVet.

Update Credit Card – Here you can edit the existing credit card or change the card that is being billed for the monthly ThoroVet Subscription. To do so click the Update Card Details button. You will be taken to a Stripe processing screen to update the payment information.

*Reminder, you must add your practice e-mail to the Mail app on your iPad in order for ThoroVet to send e-mails from the mobile application. Click Here to view the How-To Guide from Apple.

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