Set-Up / Link Your QuickBooks Account

Set-Up and Link Your QuickBooks Online Account

ThoroVet seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks online. This integration passes data between the two systems allowing you to create invoices and take payments within ThoroVet and have the data automatically added to your QuickBooks online account.

You will need a QuickBooks online account to get started. If you do not already have one, you can create one by visiting ( If you currently have the desktop version of QuickBooks you will need to convert to the online version. Intuit makes the conversion very easy. You can learn more about it by visiting the following site

Connecting ThoroVet and QuickBooks – 

You will need to go the Manage account section. You can access this via the Manage Account button on the left-hand toolbar or from the Main Menu button. Once there click on the Manage QuickBooks button and then go to Connect QuickBooks. From here you will be prompted through the set-up. You will need your QuickBooks Online Username and Password to complete the set-up. You will be prompted to Authorize Intuit to securely share data with ThoroVet. Click Authorize with QuickBooks.

This will launch an Intuit App Center login where you will need your QuickBooks login information.

Once you have logged in you will connect your account to ThoroVet and be prompted to Share data.

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