Set-Up Your GVL Account

Set-Up Your GVL Account

In order to use the Global Vet Link integration with ThoroVet, you first must create an access token for use with Global Vet Link. Below you will find those integrations to create and validate the token. You also must have an GVL account to begin with.

Step 1 - Navigate to Manage Account & Click on the Global Vet Link Box

Step 2 - Using your Vet Credentials login into your GVL account.

Step 3 - If successful you will get a confirmation alert and can see in the screen below that it was successful. Additionally you can log into your GVL Account and see the access token was created.

At this point you have linked your GVL account to your ThoroVet account and can now initiate Coggins certificates from within ThoroVet.

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