Manage Pull-Down Lists

Manage Your Pull Down Menu List Options

Throughout ThoroVet there will be various fields that offer a pull-down menu of options. You can edit those options and add new ones from within Manage Account in the Web Admin.

Step 1.

Go to Manage Account > Pull Down Lists. Here you will be able to edit the content of all the various pull-down menus.

Step 2.

From this screen you will be able to navigate to the list you are needing to edit. There are navigation arrows in the bottom left corner which will help you find the appropriate list. Once you have found the list you wish to edit click the View Details button to make your edits, additions, etc.

For example, if we want to edit the list of available breeds. We would find the pull-down list called Horse Breeds and click on view Details. Once there you can add a New Breed, Edit or Delete.

Adding New – Once in the specific list in our examples Breeds, click the Add Lookup button. This will open the top row and allow you to add the new option.

Edit Option – If you need to correct an option click Edit button on the corresponding row which will open that row up for editing.

Delete Option – If you wish to remove an option from the Drop-Down list. Click the delete button on the corresponding row.

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