Dashboard on Web Admin

The ThoroVet Dashboard (Web Admin)

When you log into the ThoroVet website the screen you will be on is referred to as the Dashboard. This Dashboard gives you quick access to a couple of core areas within ThoroVet.

Calendar – The calendar section on the dashboard is listing upcoming appointments. From here you can Edit the appointment by double clicking on it. The two main tasks that you can perform from here is to view the patient history or start an Evaluation.

  • View History – Click on the History button. This will open a window displaying all the past evaluations for the patient. From that window you can click on an evaluation to view the details.
  • Start Evaluation – By clicking the Start Evaluation button you can begin the Evaluation for that patient.

Evaluations – From this section you can see a listing of past Evaluations. You can click on an Evaluation to open it up and view/edit the information associated to it.

Patients – From this section you can click on a patient to view the patient record.

Customers – From this section you can click on a customer to view the customer record. 

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