Day Sheet Overview & Batch Exams from Mobile App

Working from the Day Sheet on the Mobile App:

Appointments, Calendar, and Batch Evaluations on the iPad

From the Day Sheet you can quickly add appointments, edit plan items, add a patient, and quickly run through exams including multiple patients for a single client (owner, trainer, etc).

*Reminder* - If you wish to edit an exam, before you have finalized the invoice, even if you have marked it as "complete" from the Day Sheet, you can tap on the > sign to go to the SOAP, then touch "Open Evaluation" to re-open the Evaluation and make any edits. Remember, once you "Finalize" an invoice it becomes a medical record and cannot be changed.

In This Tutorial:

  1. Creating / Managing Appointments (from the Calendar and Day Sheet)
  2. Day Sheet Overview & Options: Explanation of Day Sheet Functionality
  3. Examples of Common Options from the Day Sheet (Screen-Shots)
  4. Batch Evaluation Exams - Multiple Horses for One Invoice from the Mobile App

1. Creating / Managing Appointments From the Calendar and/or Day Sheet (Mobile App):

To view/make appointments on the Calendar: From the mobile app tap on the Menu > Calendar. This opens your Calendar where you can view dates with appointments that have been schedule (red dot(s) on a date indicates appointments). Swipe up or down on the screen to move from month to month.

  • Appointments can be added/edited from the Web Admin which will show any changes to the Mobile App each time you Sync, and vice-versa.
  • Your appointments can include as little or as much detail as you like. Everything from the patient, adding plan items, location of visit (by choosing from a customer/trainer locations for the patient(s), notes, and a specific time or 'all-day' if you just want it on the date but not at a set time.
  • If you have a multi-vet practice, you can choose which vet(s) appointment calendar to view by selecting the checkbox at the top right next to each vet(s) name.
  • View Appointment Details / Edit Existing Appointment: Clicking on a date with red dot(s) will allow you to view a short list of appointments for that day. To view the details of an appointment, simply touch that appointment for the full details to appear. If you need to edit or change anything, tap on the pencil icon at the top right and the full details appear for editing.
  • By tapping on the + sign (top right) you can add a new appointment. You can do the same from the Day Sheet.

Creating an appointment from the Day Sheet is very similar. Just tap the Plus Sign (+) at the top right to add an appointment. You can edit an exiting appointment from the Day Sheet by tapping on the three-dots under Edit to pull up that appointment (see below).

Working Off the Day Sheet (Mobile App):


  • The day sheet opens on the current day. You can swipe left or right over the dates to move from week to week. Any appointments that have been added will appear on the Day Sheet. Remember, your office can create appointments for you from the Web Admin. Anytime you Sync, the most up-to-date information will sync to the Mobile App and vice-versa.
  • Days with red dots indicate appointments scheduled. You can work right off the day sheet to quickly run through your appointments, exams, and do batch exams where you have multiple horses or patients for a single owner/trainer to go on one invoice. If you have horses with split ownership, this will still correctly apply those ownership percentages to an invoice. Batch exams can be done from the Web Admin, or on the Mobile App from the Day Sheet. (A tutorial specific to Batch Exams can be found at the very end of this document)
  • The Quick Add feature from the Day Sheet allows you to quickly add a new horse, owner's information, combination of new and existing information, to quickly create a new horse/owner or appointment on the fly, even if you do not have all the details at that time and wish to update it later (such as owner's full contact information, etc).
  • You can edit Plan items (products/services) from the Day Sheet (as well as during full SOAP exams from the mobile app), just tap on the Pencil icon anytime you see it to allow you to edit more options.

2. Day Sheet Overview / Options: Button Functionality on Day Sheet

The Day Sheet was designed for fast, efficient work while on your farm calls. You can do the majority of your day-to-day exams, appointments, invoicing, batch-exams, and quickly add new patients, all from the Day Sheet. This list below is a great overview on the functionality from the Day Sheet, with some common work-flows and screen-shots includes below.

  • Plus Sign +  (Quick Add): tap on the + sign at top right of Day Sheet to add an appointment.
  • Check Box: tap the check box next to each Plan item as you complete tasks to mark them as complete. Your completed Plan items will appear in a "Completed" section (only visible if you have actually completed tasks).
  • Pencil Icon: tap the pencil icon to edit that Plan item (add a new Plan item, edit existing Plan item, or change something for Plan item only this once).
  • Clock Icon: set a Reminder for that Plan item (sets up automatic e-mail reminders to that owner). Once the clock color becomes Green, a reminder has been set-up. Grey = not set-up.
  • Trashcan: Delete that Plan item from that Patient
  • Blue Quantity Box: Tap the Quantity Box to adjust how many of that Plan item you would like.
  • DS: Add a Discharge Summary for that Patient by tapping on the DS.
  • 3 Brown Dots: This icon appears on the line of the Patient's name and allows you to "Edit Appointment", "Edit Plan Items", "Edit Appointment Time", "Remove Patient from Appointment", "Remove Appointment"
  • > Arrow: The brown > arrow on the Patient Name line opens an individual SOAP for that specific Patient. Even if you have a Batch Evaluation with multiple Patients, you can add Plan items or run through a full SOAP exam for individual Patients within a Batch Eval. , or just open a full SOAP for individual Patients when you get to that appointment. 
  • Owner or Trainer Name:  Tap on the Customer's name (on the grey line for that Patient) to open their Customer Profile. Here you can view their current account balance, aging summary of past due balances, treatment history of their horses, view their horses, view past invoices, start a new Evaluation, view all of their vaccination history (and export reports), and edit their information.
  • Location Address: Tap on the address (on the grey line for that Patient) to open Apple Maps and get directions to their address. *Requires Wifi or Cellular to access live directions.
  • Patient Name: Tap on the Patient's name (on the grey line) to open their Patient Profile. You can view all of their treatment history, basic information, last visit, last vaccines/coggins date, owner/trainer, Coggins page, Case Documents (images, files, etc.), Photos/Videos (great for tracking lameness or healing process), etc. 
  • Time: Tap on the Time for that appointment (on the grey line) to change the time or adjust to "anytime" on that date.
  • Generate Invoices: Tap on the Generate Invoices button (top right) to create invoices for all Completed exams. Once you have generated invoices, there will now be a "Billed" section at the bottom of that day's Day Sheet. You can open that area by tapping on the + sign next to "Billed". If you do not see a "Billed" section that is because you have not generated any invoices from the Day Sheet for that particular day yet. If you have a "Complete" section, you have marked some appointments/Plan items as completed but not yet generated invoices.

3. A Few Examples of the Above Common Tasks:

Edit/Manage Appointment for that specific horse by tapping on the 3-dots under on the grey line of their name:

Edit Plan Items or Create New Plan Items by tapping on the Pencil Icon:

Set Reminders: Tap the Clock Icon to set a Reminder. Green Clock = Reminder Set / Grey Clock = No Reminder Set

Open a SOAP Exam for a specific horse by tapping on the > icon:

Completed Exam: Tap the Check Box as you finish tasks. This moves them to "Completed" section.

Open the Owner (or Trainer or Patient) Profile by tapping on their name, found on the grey line of the Patient, to go to their full profile:

You can also Select All items on the Day Sheet by clicking on the "Check All Tasks" button at the top left of the screen (New, as of August 2022):

4. Batch Evaluations (Exams) from the Day Sheet on the Mobile App

When you have multiple Patients that you are seeing at the same farm under the same owner (even if split-ownership!), you can quickly create Batch Evaluations from the Day Sheet on the Mobile App. These steps below give you an overview of the common workflow when creating a Batch Eval.

Important Note:
You can still open a SOAP to add more Plan items or do a full exam process on specific horses within the Batch Evaluation. For example: 5 horses need a Coggins and split farm-call charge, but two horses need vaccines, one horse needs a lameness exam. You can set every horse to get their Coggins and farm-call charge when you set-up the appointment on the Day Sheet (you can create this on the spot, you don't have to make the "appointment" ahead of time, as this is how you do a Batch Eval from the Mobile App.), then tap on the > button on the grey line of the horse's name to open their individual SOAP. 

Looking for Batch Evaluations from the Web Admin? View Tutorial Here

Creating a Batch Evaluation and Invoice from the Day Sheet:

The following example in the below tutorial is for a Batch Evaluation from the Day Sheet (Mobile App), with multiple horses owned by John Smith. You will notice some horses have multiple owners (split-ownership). Split billing will apply as always. Once you have added all the horses for a Batch Eval., you can tap on the Check Box next to their name as you go down the list seeing each horse.

Remember, you can tap on the > icon on a horse's grey line to open a SOAP exam for that specific horse. You can do a full exam or simply add additional Plan items for that specific horse.

Once you mark those Patients as complete, you can move onto the Create Invoice phase. As you see in this Preview phase of the invoice, all of the horse's belonging to John from this visit are on one invoice. You will notice James Singer and Robert Hall in the left column; those partially own "Buddy" (as you can see from the invoice, John only owns 25% of him so the invoice automatically splits with his other owners. They each will have their own separate invoice with only "Buddy".)

Once you preview your final invoice, you can see that John Smith's actual invoice shows his account summary, past due balance, aging of past due balance, and each horse is separated on the invoice with their treatments. "Buddy" at 25% ownership has his subtotal, then "Jax" and so on.

The Total Amount can be found at the very bottom of the invoice for John Smith.

The invoice for one of "Buddy's" other partial owners, we will use Robert Hall for example, his invoice can be seen here showing he owes 50% of the treatments from this visit. None of the other horses that were seen at the "Batch Eval" that did not belong to Robert Hall will appear on his invoice.

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