Discharge Summary / Notes

Discharge Summary Notes During an Evaluation, and Sharing or Not Sharing with Customers:

From the app, when in an Evaluation, on the Discharge Summary Tab (top).  You can click in the Discharge Summary Notes to enter your notes for each assessment and at the bottom for an overall summary.  

When you are finished, you can now click on the Save & Close Evaluation button at the top. It will just stay in the evaluation section (Menu > Evaluation), and will appear under the Menu>Evaluation>Open Evaluations list. It will also show up if you go to Menu > Accounting > View Invoices > Customers > Any open Evaluations will appear here. If an evaluation was closed, it will no longer be editable, the invoice will be generated which you can then email to customer, print it, or send it later.

You can choose to include the Discharge Summary with an invoice, to share it (print, e-mail, etc) on it's own, or to not include it with an invoice.

To do so, open an invoice, then tap or click on View PDF & Share. This will open the pop-up with options for: Invoice & Discharge Summary, Invoice Only, Discharge Summary Only, or Cancel.

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