How to Do an Evaluation (App)

To Start an Evaluation (Mobile App) - Getting Started Overview

Menu > click Start Evaluation (starting point is the Subjective area). Choose your Patient name, owner(s), and location. Click Start Evaluation. As you type and select items, it will auto-save your work.

Step 1: Subjective
Choose your location areas of concern (example: abdominal), give it a description, add notes if desired, you can upload an image if you would like, you can add as many subjective location areas as you want (example: eye, back, colic etc).

Step 2: Objective
Next, click on the Objective Tab (top). Default is the general template. You can choose the templates if you have multiple templates uploaded. You can choose (click Choose Template). At the bottom of each template you can add notes (in subjective, objective, assessment, plan, and discharge areas.) The fields are optional they are not required to be filled out during examination.

Step 3 Assessment: 
Next, click on Assessment Tab (top). You can select an assessment or click on the Plus Sign (+) to add Assessments. (If you add discharge summary notes while in the Add Assessment window, those notes will always appear for that specific assessment on your discharge summary).  When choosing your assessments from the list, you can add multiple assessments by continuing to click on a box and check-mark each assessment.  The description box to describe the assessment, will appear when you hover over to view additional details/description of each assessment option which may assist in choosing your assessment items.

Step 4 Plan:
Next, click on the Plan Tab (top). In the white search box, you can search all of the items that the user has set up within their plan, this is where you enter items to search that will be used for your plan, and any items you select for treatment for the patient. As you choose items, a line-item will be generated on the invoice.  Example: choose ketamine, adjust the quantity.

Step 5 Discharge Summary:

Next, click on the Discharge Summary Tab (top).  You can click in the Discharge Summary Notes to enter your notes for each assessment and at the bottom for an overall summary.  When you are finished, you can now click on the Save & Close Evaluation button at the top. It will just stay in the evaluation section (Menu > Evaluation), and will appear under the Menu>Evaluation>Open Evaluations list. It will also show up if you go to Menu > Accounting > View Invoices > Customers > Any open Evaluations will appear here. If an evaluation was closed, it will no longer editable, the invoice will be generated which you can then email to customer or print it. It will send to QuickBooks automatically if you have QuickBooks set up.

Step 6 Generate an Invoice (Finalized / E-mail – Send to QuickBooks):

Click on Continue Invoice (top right). Build your invoice as needed here. At this point, we are in the middle of generating an invoice it hasn’t been finalized yet. You can close this window at any time, it will auto-save. When you come back, you can pick up where you left off. (Come back to an invoice by going to Menu > Evaluations > click on the evaluation, and then again click on the Continue Invoice button (top right). You can also finish an invoice under the Menu > Account > View Invoices > Incomplete Invoices Tab (top), and select your incomplete invoice.

When finished, click PREVIEW. If all looks correct, click Finalize Invoice. Generate Invoice (it then downloads a PDF to your computer, saves it to the server, and options pop up:  Email these invoices and discharge summaries to customer, and/or send these invoices to QuickBooks. Check which one(s) you want, and click Continue.

  •          You can "Un-Finalize" the invoice/evaluation from the Web Admin if you need to make changes once an invoice has been "finalized".
  •          Multiple Invoices, you can select percentage of ownership for split billing amounts.  Preview, Generate.

If you need to Delete an Evaluation:

From the Web Admin:  Go to the Evaluation > Open your Eval. The top right corner next to "Save/Close Eval" you can click on the drop-down box, then "Delete".

From the Mobile App: Go to the Evaluation, then click on "Evaluation Details" from the left menu. A "Delete" button will appear on the next screen. You can also do this to delete a Billing Preview/Estimate.

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