Customer Account Summary

Customer Account Summary

You can view a customer's account summary when you go to Customers from the mobile app and web admin. Here you can view their total account balance due, aging for past due balances for 30, 60, 90, 90+ days. You can also view the account summary on an invoice during preview, when e-mailed, printed, and shared. 

Important note:

The Account Summary data on invoices created on the web is static data. The account balance data does not change after the invoice is finalized. The Account Summary balance reflects the date of the invoice. 

The Account Summary data on invoices created on the app is dynamic data. The account balance is updated every time the invoice is opened on the app.

Payments and changes applied to an account on the Mobile App will reflect these changes on the invoice. It is important to SYNC any payments made or changes to the customers account from the mobile app, to the Web Admin.  Invoices made in the Web Admin will remain how they were when created in the Web Admin and at this time, do not reflect new payments or updated aging. For the most up to date aging report and real-time account balance due, it is recommended to share (print, e-mail, etc) an invoice from the Mobile App.

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