Adjusting Income Account Categories in QuickBooks for Product/Service Reports

How to Adjust the QuickBooks Online Income Account Associated with Thorovet Products and Services.

Step 1
Login to your QB’s online account.

*Note, you must have already connected and synced your data from your Thorovet account to your QuickBooks online account to begin.

Step 2
Go to Products and Services by clicking on “Invoicing” then “Products and Services” (or Sales >

Step 3
Search for the product and or services you would like to adjust.

Step 4
Click the “Edit” link to make modifications to the Products and Services.

Step 5
Select the desired Income Account to associate with the P/S. When changed, an additional option appears with the option “Also update this account in historical transactions”. Save and

Step 6
Generate an Invoice on the Thorovet Mobile App then SYNC the App. Log into your Thorovet Web Admin account and send the Thorovet invoice to QuickBooks Online by going to “Manage Invoices/Quickbooks” in the “Accounting” section. Log-into QuickBooks online, go to Reports and review the P&L statement to confirm the adjustments worked.

Reminder - QuickBooks Online offers a variety of useful reports for your sales, income, P & L, and more all under the Reports section.

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