Partial Payments Through ThoroVet

How to Record Partial Payments Through ThoroVet from the Web Admin

You can record partial payments inside your ThoroVet account from the Web Admin, which will push over to QuickBooks when you Sync. You can also accept partial payments inside QuickBooks and pull that data into ThoroVet (view tutorial here)

  1. From the Web Admin, go to Invoicing > Manage Invoices/QuickBooks
  2. Find the invoice you want from the Unpaid Invoices list, and click on Partial Payment.

  1. Choose your payment method, amount, and date. Click Done when finished.
  2. Be sure to sync when finished for changes to carry over to the app, and go to the QuickBooks Tab in your Invoices to send any updated invoices/payments to QuickBooks. 
  3. Your partial payment will apply to that invoice. You can see the partial payments appear on the Account Summary on the PDF invoice.

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