Sales Tax Set-Up and Management

How to Set-Up / Manage Your Sales Tax Settings

You are able to manage your sales tax from the Web Admin under Manage Account, as well as inside QuickBooks Online.

There are various tutorials for different areas that answer questions about sales tax, such as with products/services, during invoicing, and more. To view a full list of our tutorial documents with Sales Tax help, {View Them Here}

Getting Started:

To set-up / manage your sales tax configurations, you will need to go to the ThoroVet Web Admin > Manage Account -> Manage Sales Tax and fill out Sales Tax (the percent), then select a QuickBooks Sales Tax Configuration from the drop-down list. 
Helpful Tips:
1) If your QuickBooks Online account was created in the last few years, the QuickBooks account will have AST (automated sales tax) enabled. When you set-up your QuickBooks Online account it will ask you to set up your correct sales tax during these steps.  The configuration name will be called something having to do with your location.  For example: TX-Houston.  This is the most common choice. (View QuickBooks Tutorial at the bottom of this document).
2) FOR US CUSTOMERS ONLY: If the user has manually disabled AST or is doing something unique, they should set the QB Configuration to TAX.  That will override QuickBook’s sales tax calculations and always use the ThoroVet sales tax settings.
3) If your practice is tax exempt, enter 0% for the Sales Tax and then choose TAX for the QB Configuration.
4) If you are still having issues or questions regarding your sales tax configuration, feel free to reach out to our Support Team for assistance at

How to Set-Up / Manage Sales Tax from the Web Admin:

Step 1: From your Web Admin, go to Manage Account > Manage Sales Tax.

Step 2: Click on the row for your sales tax to view/adjust settings. You can use the drop down to choose your correct sales tax, as well as the tax percentage amount. Use 0% if tax exempt.

Step 3: To add a sales tax option, click the Add Sales Tax Configuration button.

How to Set Plan Items (Products/Services) to Taxable:

See tutorial here: { Mange Plan items }

How to check for Sales Tax errors when syncing with QuickBooks Online:

From the Web Admin in ThoroVet, go to Accounting -> Manage Invoices -> QuickBooks and then click either the “Send All to QuickBooks” button or the “Verify Sales Tax Calculations” option. 

From there, the application will check for invoices that are not in QuickBooks Online, where the sales tax was calculated incorrectly.  If sales tax errors were found, it then gives you the option to go back through the generate invoice process, where those invoices and the sales tax will be automatically corrected.  You can either “Send to Quickbooks” as usual during the Preview -> Finalize process, or go back to Accounting -> Manage Invoices -> QuickBooks and "send all".  Either method will work.

How to Check/Set-Up Your Sales Tax Settings in QuickBooks Online:

You can check your QB settings by logging into your QB account, going to Taxes > Sales Tax Settings.

Need more help inside of QuickBooks? View their Sales Tax guide {here}.

Need to change where you collect sales tax, inside of QuickBooks Online? View their guide {here}.

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