Invoice Layout Format and Customize Default Invoice Notes

How to Customize Invoice Notes and Invoice Layout Format:

You can choose Invoice Format 1 (or) Format 2 for your Invoice Layout Settings. This will set a default invoice format for all of your invoice. You can also choose between invoice Format 1 or Format 2 for a specific customer while on the mobile app creating and generating an invoice. You can also edit the note that appears on each invoice such as payment preferences, methods, terms/conditions, etc.

The pre-set default invoice format is Format 2 (new style) unless you follow the steps below to change your default format for all customers, or for specific customers.

Setting Your Default Invoice Format and Invoice Notes:

Step 1: Choose Invoice Format and Default Invoice Notes from the WEB ADMIN:

From the Web Admin, go to Manage Account > Account Details. You can also add default invoice notes here as well.

*Important Note* You can change this at any time. All invoices, including previously created, will download as whichever format has been selected, when saving as a PDF.

Format 1 (original style) -

Each horse is listed by their examination(s), so multiple days of treatment will have their own block by date.

Format 2 (new style) is the most popular format -

Sorted by each horse's name, followed by their treatments in order by date. A more condensed format.

Step 2: Choose Custom Invoice Notes

From the Web Admin, go to Manage Account > Account Details. 

Edit your default invoice notes, then hit Save. 

See Example Below:

From the Mobile App - Setting Invoice Format for a All or Specific Customers

To choose the invoice Format 1 or Format 2 for a specific customer, you can easily toggle between the two while generating an invoice in the Mobile App. You can set a master default format in the mobile app by going to the menu > Settings, tap on the Invoice Format box to select from the pop-up options.

Set your Default Format from the Mobile App, go to Settings > tap on the box that says Invoice Format, then choose which format (1 or 2).

Choose a Format for a Specific Customer

When generating an invoice from the mobile app, tap on the icon in the top right corner of the invoice to select Format 1 or Format 2 for that specific invoice, of the specific customer. If you do not choose a specific format, your default format (that has been set in either the Web Admin or setting from the mobile app, instructions above). 

If a customer has received an invoice previously, that original format will become the default format for that specific customer each time. 

If a customer has never received an invoice, then your account default format is used.


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