Adding DICOM Images to Patient File

Add DICOM Images to a Patient File

You can choose specific DICOM images to upload into a patient's file in the mobile app. 

1. Access your DICOM cloud account from whichever cloud portal you use for your equipment's imaging, or shared image documents with DICOM files, while on your iPad. You can do this from any website portal for information, including lab results.

2. Grab a screenshot of the visual information associated with a patient of reference.

Note: On iPad to take a screenshot you press the home button & power button at the same time. This may be different for different models.

3. You could use your iPad's built in annotation feature when you take the screenshot, to make important marks of reference on the image.

4. Save into your iPad's photos by tapping on "SAVE TO PHOTOS".

5. Next, go to the referenced patient in your Thorovet App database and select "Case documents" or "Photo/Videos.

6. Tap the "Plus" sign at the top right to add file(s) from the device. Select and save.

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