Edit an Invoice or Evaluation That Has Been Finalized or Sent

How to Edit an Invoice/Evaluation That Has Been Finalized or Sent

You can now edit (un-finalized) an invoice that has already been finalized while managing invoices from the Web Admin. This is helpful if you need to go back and revise an invoice that has already been sent to a customer and had a mistake, forgotten or wrong charges, etc. 

View how to change an invoice for ownership changes / owner corrections { Here }

From the Web Admin

Step 1. Go to Invoices > Manage Invoices/Quickbooks. Find the invoice(s) you need to change and click on the UN-FINALIZE button. An alert will pop up if that invoice is tied to batch invoices that will be un-finalized. If the invoice/evaluation had multiple owners, each invoice will now be un-finalized. 

Step 2. The evaluation for that horse will appear back under the OPEN EVALS section. You can re-open the evaluation, adjust any areas you need to adjust within that eval, add or edit your Plan items or pricing, then go through the regular prompts to Generate/Finalize Invoice and re-send the corrected invoice.

To find the now un-finalized invoice, be sure to make note of the patient, owner(s), date so you can easily find this now un-finalized evaluation. You can locate it by going to the Open Evaluations, or from Patient > Treatment History. Find the date of that exam, click on the "View Eval" button to open your evaluation and make adjustments to the plan items / eval and re-generate a new invoice.

Click on View Eval to open the Evaluation and make any necessary changes, finalize, and generate a new invoice.


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