Keeping Invoice Open, Billing at End of Month

Holding Open Multiple Days of Completed Charges/Evaluations, for Various Customers/Patients and Closing Them as Single Invoice(s).

If you will be treating a horse over multiple days, you can close an evaluation (including separate evaluations), editing them or adding to as needed up until you generate the final invoice(s). To make things easier, you can add multiple evaluations to one single invoice at the end of the month. You can view and edit your Evaluations from the mobile app and the Web Admin, by going to Evaluations.

  • View the tutorial on how to edit an invoice that has already been finalized {here}.
  • View the tutorial on how to go through a full evaluation process and batch evals. from the web admin here { Tutorial }.

1. From the Day Sheet, select the charges/evals you would like to complete. As you select the boxes under each patient, a message box appears asking you to confirm those as complete. You can do this across as many days as you would like. Simply swipe to scroll across the dates to choose. Any date with a red dot has charges associated to that date. (See below)

2. Next, from Day Sheet, select the Generate Invoice button (top right of screen). Once you are at the next screen, select “Outstanding Evaluations” from the bottom left corner (see below).

3. Select the “Outstanding Charges/Evals” individually (see date field as reference to choose completed charges/evaluations for those specific dates), or “All” by selecting the top check box in the header, for “select all”. Then select Continue. (See below)

4. Review invoices, then select Preview & Finalize at top right. You can now choose to print/email those invoices if you would like.

5. You can then print/e-mail your invoices or send them out later.

6. Now, when you go to your Day Sheet, you will see a Billed section, if you select the + icon to expand that list, any evaluations that have been billed out (the steps you just took), are now listed there for your reference.


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