Manage Services/Prices (Plan Items) and Controlled Substances/Vaccines

Setting Up Your Plan Items: Billing Codes / Products / Services / Pricing from the Web Admin

Including: Controlled Substances, Vaccines, and other PLAN items for reporting, tracking, and reminders.

ThoroVet allows you to do SOAP based evaluations. You can customize components of these evaluations to suit the needs of your medical records and evaluations. The Plan section will also correspond to your billing codes and allow you to set your prices.

Managing the Plan portion of the evaluations can be done from the Manage Account section. To access click on the Manage account button on the left-hand toolbar or from the main menu. Once in the Manage account section click on Manage SOAP.

From the Manage Plan section there will be several important tasks that can be performed such as Adding New Plan Items and Editing Existing Plan items. 

Adding New Plan Items – There are different ways to add plan items that we will cover. How many items you are adding will determine the best course of action.

  • Add Single Item – You can add a single new Plan item as needed. If you are just building your Plan list from scratch this will likely not be the most efficient method. This will be for the single addition as new products or services become available.
    • Click Add Item button – This will bring up the Add Item interface, with several fields to fill out.
      • Name – The Description of the Plan Item
      • Code – Internal coding system if you have one in place.
      • Category – A way to group like plan items together.
      • Price – This is the price per Unit
      • Item Type – Product or Service
      • Is Taxable – If the item is taxable, this will add tax to the invoice when this item is billed out
      • Is Vaccination – If this item is a vaccination, this will then show on Vaccination Reports. An item must be marked as a vaccine in order for it to track in vaccine reports/reminders.
      • Is Bleeder Medication – If this item is a Bleed Medication, it will then show on Bleeder medication reports.
      • Is Controlled Substance – If this item is controlled, it will then show on controlled substance reports. An item must be marked as a controlled substance in order for it track them.
      • Description – allows the input of some notes relating to this plan item
      • Item Type – Item or Bundle
      • Item – Single charge
      • Bundle – Allows you to create a bundle of charges when this one is added the other items will be added as well. If you Select Bundle, you’ll then be able to add the bundled items.
      • Unit – The unit of the item. This relates to the price entered previously as it is price per unit.
      • Number of Units – This allows for another way to charge an item in a pre-defined quantity. For Example, if you have a physical item(vaccine) and the unit is Dose. You may create a by dose plan item and a by tray plan. The by Tray would still have the unit showing as dose, but if there are 25 doses per tray, you would have 25 in this field. When using this item, you would then bill a Quantity of 1 By Tray.
  • Edit Single Item – Here you can edit the details of a plan item.
  • Click on the row of the item you need to edit.
  • This will pull up Item screen
  • Click the Pencil Icon to open the editing of this item
  • The options will be the same as the Add Single Item options.

  • Import/Export – This will be the most efficient way to bulk upload your plan items when starting out. If you are currently using QuickBooks online, you will want to complete the set-up linking ThoroVet to QuickBooks prior to proceeding.
    • Export – Here you can export a list of all your Plan items to excel. This will allow further manipulation/editing.
      • Click the Import/Export Button
      • Click Export
      • A Save Dialog will pop up and allow you to save the file
    • Import – There are two methods to importing your Plan. Very important if you have QuickBooks to use that methodology.
      • Manual Import – If you did not previously have QuickBooks and/or used a different system of billing. You can bulk import from a generated Excel file.
        • Click on the Import/Export button
        • Template – We recommend downloading the Template, to ensure the column names and formatting is proper for successful import. Click on the Download Template button and save the file to your local computer.
        • Complete the Template as needed and Save the file to your local computer
        • Once ready click the Import Button
        • Then Click ‘Select Files’ This will pull up a File Explorer dialog box and allow you to search for the completed template.
        • Once you have found the file click ok/open
        • Preview the Data to ensure its correct
        • Import Data
    • QuickBooks Import – If you have been using QuickBooks for billing purposes you can import those billing codes into ThoroVet from QuickBooks. You will need to complete the QuickBooks account set-up prior to this step.
      • Click on the Import/Export button
      • Click on QuickBooks Tab
      • Preview Data – Remember how your codes were set-up in QuickBooks will determine how they are imported. You may need to clean up the items within QuickBooks for a cleaner import. Items in QuickBooks should be identified as Products/Services.
      • Click on Import


How to Make Sure Items Are Marked as Controlled Substances or Vaccines for Tracking/Reports or Reminders:

Any item that is a controlled substances or vaccination in your plan/pricing, needs to be identified that way, so that they appear on the controlled substance & vaccination reports as they are administered.
If you want to double-check that those items are, in fact, correctly marked, you can go to your PLAN page and edit individual items by simply clicking on the row for that item to open it, or do so in bulk and go through all of your products/services. The best way is to use the button at the top left on the PLAN Page from the Web Admin (found under Manage Account > SOAP > PLAN) that says import/export. Export your plan to an Excel Spreadsheet File & save it to your desktop/computer. Then you can go in & change the information in the appropriate columns for those items that need to be changed in bulk; meaning if it is a controlled substance or a vaccine, that column should say true, if not, false etc.

The only column you should not change in any way is the column called ID. However, if you want to update any prices or descriptions of items or even add new items, you can do that. Make sure each item is marked as true or false in the last four (4) columns that identify whether that item is taxable, controlled substances, bleeder medications or vaccinations.

Once you have edited the spreadsheet, you can save it & re-import it back into your plan. The import will update all changed or added items & if a controlled substance was changed on the spreadsheet, when it is imported, it will update the correct information on any invoice or evaluation you have already created.

You can also edit/manage and add Plan items from the mobile app:


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