Reports for Tracking Controlled Substances, Production, etc.

Reports Within ThoroVet: Controlled Substance, Production, Vaccination, Revenue, etc.

Within ThoroVet you can run multiple reports relating to patient activities. If linked to QuickBooks online, you’ll also be able to drill down into more financial reporting inside of the QuickBooks reporting engine.

To Access the reports, click on the Reports button from the left-hand tool bar or from the Main Menu button in the top left-hand corner. Once you have access the Reports you’ll see the different reports that you have available.

Report Toolbar – All the reports will have the same navigation and filtering toolbars. From this tool bar you can do the following.

  • Export to Excel or PDF – Click on the Export buttons to Save the file to your local computer
  • Set Date Range – Can set a specific date range or use the Quick set drop down to quickly set the date range based on elapsed days.
  • Column Filtering – Most columns can be filtered. To identify these columns, look for the Filter button which looks like a Funnel. If you click that button you will be able to filter that column based on the content within that column.

Available Reports – The reports currently available are as follows:

  • Controlled Substance – Will report on all Plan items used that have the Is Controlled checked. (Items must be marked as controlled substances in your PLAN items to track! See This Tutorial for help.)
  • Bleeder Medication – Will report on all Plan items used that have Is Bleeder Checked
  • Vaccination – Will report on all Plan items used that have Is Vaccination checked
  • Production – Will show all items billed out. For more in-depth financial reporting you should use QuickBooks.
  • Reminder – Will show reminders generated during the invoiced process (Add Link)
  • Scratch Letter – Will show all Scratch letters created for Patients
  • Revenue Reports - Revenue Reports can be run by Accrual Basis and Cash Basis, by Vet, Date Range, Customer, Patient, and Date.

Manage/View Controlled Substance Reports: 

To view all of your reports, manage, export, etc go to Manage Account > Reports > Controlled Substances (or Bleeder Reports). Click on a specific report to pull up the pdf in a new window to view, print, download etc.  You can run a report on the range of dates you choose, and export to Excel or PDF. These items will have been selected as check-boxed YES “Is a bleeder medication” or “Is a Controlled Substance” during setting up your item lists (PLAN), during the SOAP Process set-up of your account. You can add/edit an item, or ensure these boxes are selected where needed by going to Manage Account > SOAP > PLAN and editing your item (Products/Services) list, or + Add Item.

NOTE: Any item that is a controlled substances or vaccination in your plan/pricing, needs to be identified that way, so that they appear on the controlled substance & vaccination reports as they are administered. View This Tutorial Here to learn how to mark your items as controlled substances or double check that they are correctly tagged.

Revenue Reports:

Revenue Reports can be run by Accrual Basis and Cash Basis, by Vet, Date Range, Customer, Patient, and Date.

Production Reports:

Production Reports can be run by filtering your options by Vet, Date Range, Category, Products, etc. form the filter buttons along the top.

From the WEB Admin go to the Menu > Reports > Production. Use the funnel icons next to each column title to filter out options. Click the Export to Excel or PDF to run the report and view.

*Note: On your PDF report, the discounts that show up at the end of a production report in red are identified as discounts that were given by a vet on a specific invoice/customer/date.


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