Sharing Medical Records

How to Share Medical Records and View Treatment History

If you need to download, print, e-mail, or share a patient’s medical history, you can do so easily from within the Patient record in ThoroVet both from the Web and Mobile App.

Note: The mobile app allows you to easily swipe through all treatment history and select individual records to share one at a time. If you would like to select multiple (or all) medical records to share at once, you can do so from the Web Admin on your computer.

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View step-by-step guide on sharing specific case documents attached to a specific medical record/evaluation {view guide here}

From the Mobile App

Step 1 - Go to Patients > Treatment History. Swipe across the screen with your finger from left to right to move up/down the list if records shown on the left hand side. You can also touch a specific date from the list to quickly pull up that record. 

**Swipe Left/Right to flip between each treatment history**

Step 2 - Tap the icons in the top right to E-Mail, Print, or Download (as a PDF) which you can then also use the iPad Share feature to share the file through apps such as AirDrop, Messenger, Text Messages. 

From the Web Admin

Step 1- Go into Patients > Select Patient > Select Treatment History.

Step 2 - Here, you can choose the treatment record(s), or all records, that you want to share. You can select individual treatments, or the top box will select ALL. You can also select FILTER OPTIONS (here you can filter by all records, selected date, date range, and current/previous owner(s) are listed for you to choose from.)

Step 3 - Once you have selected the records you wish to share, select the EMAIL/DOWNLOAD RECORD(S) button at the top right of the screen. All of your selected records will appear for you to preview.

Step 4 - Select the CONTINUE button if you are ready to move on, or you can select BACK TO PATIENT HISTORY to make changes. If ready to continue, the CONTINUE button gives you the options to download PDF copies of these records or e-mail. You can enter e-mail address (multiple address separated by a comma), subject, and body text in this area. Select GENERATE RECORD(S) button to finalize. Your record(s) will load and send or become ready to download as PDF documents.

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