About QuickBooks Online and ThoroVet Sync

Questions about Our QuickBooks Online and ThoroVet's Sync?

Utilize the power of ThoroVet from handling your medical records, billing, and more, while syncing with QuickBooks Online.
Your veterinary practice is a business. ThoroVet + QuickBooks allows you to finally run it like one.

If you would rather work on a 2 year old unhandled chestnut Warmblood filly than do your own billing, we hear you loud and clear. When was the last time your office manager or bookkeeper thanked you for being so organized? That's what we thought.

It doesn't have to be that hard anymore. We've made it easy. You can easily handle end-of-month billing, reporting, year-end financials, tax forms and more, without needing an accounting degree. Your invoices in ThoroVet sync to QuickBooks Online with just the click of a button, where you can then manage your billing, send out monthly statements, view aging reports, send out reminders for past-due invoices, e-mail invoices through QuickBooks Online (even including a Pay Now button so that your customers can pay online with just a few quick clicks, even from a mobile device).  Anything paid in QuickBook syncs back to ThoroVet, so that your Web Admin and iPad are always synced with up-to-date information, from what a customer owes, when an invoice has been paid and more. 

So, Why QuickBooks Online?

Frankly, they simply do an extraordinary job at making handling your billing, statements, financial reports, and taxes ridiculously easy. Why reinvent the wheel? Over the years we have talked to hundreds of practice managers and Veterinarians, learning that a majority of sole-practitioners and smaller practices have been strictly using QuickBooks for all of their billing, while still hand-writing their medical records and treatment notes, often forgetting to bill for something or watching the stack of papers grow before they finally sit down and force themselves to start invoicing. Sound familiar?

I use Quickbooks for my accounting software, is ThoroVet compatible?

ThoroVet is completely integrated with Quickbooks Online to streamline your exams, treatment, and invoicing. Customer information, product and service information, and pricing transfer seamlessly so that you don't have to do double-entry, making getting started with ThoroVet a breeze! If you are already use QuickBooks, you can import your customers, services/codes, and pricing information seamlessly into ThoroVet. Quickbooks Online requires a separate subscription through www.intuit.com.

Can I import information I have already scanned into  ThoroVet?

Yes. You can import most image and text documents (such as PDF files) into ThoroVet and associate them with specific horses in their case documents. You can also use the iPad to create images and video that can be associated with each horse.

Can patient and customer data that I already have in another database at my practice be uploaded to ThoroVet?

Yes, we can work with you through the process of converting your data, including patient, client, pricing, service and product lists, into ThoroVet so that your transition will be as seamless as possible.

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