Set-Up Stripe for Credit Card Payments

Stripe Integration (Process and Store Credit Card Payments)

The ThoroVet and Stripe integration allows you to take payments in the field and have those payments automatically post back into QuickBooks. This permits you to easily see and manage invoices that have been paid. The Stripe integration is an optional feature. If you do not wish to utilize Stripe you can skip this section.

You must have a Stripe account to store credit cards and accept payments on the spot rather than by doing this through QuickBooks Online after the invoice has been sent to QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online does give you the option to store credit cards, however you cannot do this through the mobile application/at the time of service. That is where having a Stripe account comes in handy for on-the-spot payment processing and storing customer credit cards right into the system while at an appointment.

*Note Regarding User Permissions for Payments: To be able to accept payments via stripe, your User (each vet or user in ThoroVet must have Role Permissions to “Generate Invoice” See following guide for managing users here {How to Edit User Roles}

Connecting ThoroVet and Stripe Steps:

1. Access the Manage account section using the left-hand toolbar or the main menu button, from your Web Admin.
2, Once there click on the Manage Stripe section. This will then open a screen and you can click on the Connect with Stripe button.
3. You will be taken to Stripe where you will need to follow the prompts to create your Stripe account and link it to ThoroVet.

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