Batch Invoicing from Shared Locations

How to Do Batch Evaluations from Share Locations

1.     Click Hamburger Icon (top left, next to Thorovet logo). This will open the side menu.

2.     On the side menu list, 6th option from top is a “gear” icon, click on Manage Accounts.

3.     Click on Shared Locations, then choose the desired location (farm, trainer's barn, racing stable, etc).

4.     You will be taken to the page for location you selected. In the left column click on “Patients”.  A list of patients at that location will appear. 

5.     If there are no patients for that location, or you need to add them, click the + button. Drag each patient's name and drop it over on the right hand side to add them to your evaluation. 

6.     Once you've added your patients, click on the “Start Batch Evaluation”.

7.     You will be taken to Evaluation page. Click the “All” button. 

8.     A list of horses will popup. This list will allow you to choose all horses or select them individually. If you select them individually, click on the horse's name you want to start with. You can go through the eval. for each horse.

9.   Simply click back on their name to re-open the box with all of the horses to choose from in your batch eval, and click on another name to open/start their evaluation. Your work auto-saves, so if you add plan items, etc for "Buddy", and then click on their name from the top left button to now select "Jax", everything you've filled out for previous horses individual evals, is saved into your batch eval.

10.    After you select your plan items you can either “save and close evaluations” or “create invoice”. You will then find the batch eval, in your evaluations from the web admin.

11. Your batch evals will run for individual owners/trainers, if they are all at a share location, such as a boarding barn or racing stable.



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