Batch Invoicing

How To Do Batch Invoicing from the Web Admin

Batch evaluations can be done from the Web Admin, and also be done from the Start Evaluation tab, including Shared Locations (or trainers). The shared locations will have shared locations already set up and populated to match the trainer, making for a faster process when running multiple invoices at once, including under farms/trainers with different owners on each invoice.

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Standard Batch Invoicing from the Web Admin:

Step 1: Go to the Accounting Section > Click on the Manage Invoices button, then select "To Be Billed" tab.

Step 2: Select the invoices you want to bill. You can select individual boxes for specific invoices, select all by selecting the top box, or touch the BILL CUSTOMERS button at the top right of your screen for additional filter options and to proceed. Under these filter options you can choose All, Date Range, Selected Customers, or Individuals. You can also view which Evaluations each customer has available by click on the + icon to the left of their name, to expand the list of their Evaluation details.

Under these filter options you can choose All Customers, Selected Customers and select a date range for when services were performed. You can also view which evaluations each customer has available by clicking on the + icon to the left of their name. It will show patient and date of treatment.

You can also set the invoice date.

You can then click Build Invoice or Bill Later on individual invoices. 

Step 3: Select the PREVIEW/FINALIZE button when ready. Your selected invoices will now appear in a preview window where you can flip through them in preview mode before finalizing.

You can choose any or all of the following options:

  • Download PDFs of Invoices & Discharge Summaries
  • Email invoice(s) to customers
  • Email Discharge Summary/Summaries to customers
  • Send invoice(s) to Quickbooks

Step 4: When ready, select the GENERATE INVOICES button. Your invoices will now download and/or e-mail to your customers. 


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