Invoicing Overview

Invoicing Overview

Invoices are generated from two main sections within ThoroVet. The first is from an Evaluation which then creates the Invoice. The second is from the Accounting section and Generate Invoice. From an Evaluation will be mainly be accompanied by the SOAP process. Whereas a standalone invoice would be more likely in the event a customer is just wanting supplies and there is no evaluation taking place.

To Start: First, Choose Your Default Invoice Layout: Format 1 vs. Format 2 and Custom Message {Learn How Here}

(From the Web Admin > Manage Account > Account Details > Choose Invoice Format 1 or 2 for Layout Design + edit your Invoice Message)

Create Invoice from Evaluation – As discussed in the Evaluation guides, you will build your Plan during the SOAP Process of the Evaluation. Once you have completed the Plan you can then create an invoice. Clicking the Create invoice button will generate the plan into an Invoice.

Interacting with Invoice - Once the invoice has been generated you will be able to further interact with it before finalizing the invoice.

  • Discount Type – You can apply a Flat discount or a Percentage discount to this Invoice. The Flat will be a set amount off the total invoice. A percentage will discount the entire invoice by a defined percentage.
  • Tax Rate – Here you will be able to apply a Tax Rate to the invoice if required. This will then tax all items on the invoice that are set to be taxable. See Manage Plan to Set Items to be Taxable {View Tutorial}
  • Evaluations – Here will display the Evaluations that generated this invoice. If you click the Pencil icon next to Evaluations, you will be able to select additional Evaluations to pull into the invoice.
  • Products/Services – Clicking the pencil icon next to this will allow you to Add Additional Products and Services to the invoice outside of an Evaluation’s Plan.
  • Save All – This will Save the invoice changes and keep the invoice in an open/in progress status.
  • Preview & Generate – This will Generate a PDF version of the Invoice for you to review and if appropriate Finalize. Once finalized the invoice is considered to be complete.

Need help with setting up or managing your sales tax? View tutorial {here}

Editing a Finalized Invoice?  See Tutorial {here}

Sharing an Invoice from the Mobile App

When sharing an invoice from the mobile app, simply tap the icon for E-Mail, Print, or PDF, then choose what to share (invoice and/or discharge summary). 

When sharing a PDF, you can send the invoice as a text message, Facebook Message, AirDrop, or by additional sharing methods from available apps on your iPad (such as a mobile Fax app).

Creating an Invoice Without a Patient

In instances where you need to create an invoice for a customer that isn't attached to a specific patient, you can do so easily from the Web Admin.

Step 1: Go to Invoicing > Manage Invoices > Build New Invoice.

Step 2: Choose your customer and products/services. You do not need to choose a Patient. Preview/Finalize then finalize your invoice.

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