Accounting Admin / Send Invoices to QuickBooks

Accounting Admin & How to Send Invoices to QuickBooks

From within ThoroVet you will be able to access some basic Accounting information relating to your practice. With your integration with QuickBooks online and the seamless transfer of data between the two systems, most of your detailed accounting tasks will be performed from within QuickBooks.

First you will need to make sure you have linked your QuickBooks Online account to your ThoroVet account. You can see how to do that {Here}.

Accounting Dashboard

To access the Accounting section within ThoroVet click on on Accounting ($) from the toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen or the account button under the Main Menu button.

The accounting section will open to a dashboard with a snapshot of your current financial details. Those details will include an Invoice Snapshot, as well as Unpaid Invoices, Aging Details and Statistics. You will also have the ability to manage Invoices in QuickBooks.

Invoice Dashboard - This will show a pie chart of your basic invoice totals. Those totals will be broken down in to three different invoice statuses

  • Incomplete – These are invoices that have been started in ThoroVet but have not be finalized.
  • Paid – These are completed and Paid Invoices.
  • Un-Paid – Invoices that are completed and finalized but have not been flagged as paid.

Unpaid Invoices – This is a listing of all the invoices and their totals that have not been flagged as paid. An invoice is flagged as paid automatically when accepting payment via Stripe. If you are not using Stripe and the invoice is being sent to QuickBooks it will be flagged as paid within QuickBooks. You can also manually flag an invoice as paid which will be discussed later in managing invoices.

Aging Report – This is very similar to the Unpaid invoice section but breaks everything down by Aging buckets. You can expand or collapse these buckets using the white arrows next to the bucket title.

Statistics – In this section ThoroVet is displaying some key statistical information relating to your practice. You will find YTD Amount invoice, Total Invoice, as well as Number of Clients/Patients.

Manage Invoices/QuickBooks Button –  (Go to Accounting ($) from left menu to open the Accounting Dashboard page as seen below. Then click on the Manage Invoices/Quickbooks button) This will provide access to manage the invoices and QuickBooks data. From this section there are three main tabs to look at; Invoices, Customers and QuickBooks.

Invoices Tab – 

Go to Account ($) from left menu, then "Mange Invoices/QuickBooks" button). This tab will give you the ability to manage your invoices. From here you will be able to view Unpaid invoices, Paid Invoices, Incomplete or All and interact with each one to perform various tasks.

  • Unpaid Tab – Here will be a listing of Unpaid invoices in the system. If you click on an invoice, it will open the PDF version of the completed invoice to review the details associated to that invoice
    • There are three actions that can be performed on each one of these unpaid invoices
      • Delete – This will delete the invoice from the system
      • Pay with Stripe- If you have set-up your Stripe account to accept payments you will be able to pay this invoice via Stripe. You can see how to set-up your Stripe account {HERE}. This would then flag the invoice as paid as well as submit that data to QuickBooks
      • Mark as Paid – If you do not have a Stripe account or you took a Cash/Check in the field as payment. You can flag this as paid manually. If you click this button a drop-down menu of payment type choices will be presented.
  • Paid Tab – This will list all the invoices that have been flagged as Paid. If you click on an invoice, it will open the PDF version of the completed invoice to review the details associated to that invoice. If an invoice is flagged as paid by accident you can click the Mark Unpaid button to remove this invoice from the group showing as paid.
  • Incomplete Tab – This tab will show invoices that have yet to be finalized. These will include invoices that may have been started in the field and not yet completed. If you have other users that do not have the generate invoice role, you would be able to review and finalize their invoices from this tab.
    • Edit/Finalize – If you click on the invoice this will bring up the Invoice editing screen. From here you can edit the invoice as needed.
      • Save All – This will save your changes but not yet finalize the invoice
      • Preview & Generate – Will Preview the Invoice and Generate it. This will move the invoice into an Unpaid status until it is marked as paid.
  • All – This Tab will show all invoices regardless of status. Depending upon the status the same actions will be available as seen under the three previous tabs.
  • Customers Column - This Tab will show a list of customers that have Evaluations that have not yet been invoiced. This will be a good place to see which customers still need to be billed for the work completed. Clicking on a Customer will bring up the associated invoice and allow you to edit the invoice and then generate it. If the customer has multiple invoices you can select multiple and then continue to work on them all.

To Be Billed Tab -

Here you can manage invoices that need to be billed. These are Evaluations (exams) without an invoice that has been created yet.

QuickBooks Tab – 

This tab will allow you to manage the data between QuickBooks and ThoroVet. There are various Tabs to view invoices both in and out of QuickBooks as well as function tabs to post or pull data from QuickBooks.

  • Not In QuickBooks – This tab is listing all finalized invoices that are currently not in QuickBooks.
    • Clicking on the PDF icon on the left side will pull up the PDF of the invoice
    • Send to QuickBooks – This will send this Invoice to QuickBooks.
    • Paid – If the invoice is flagged as Paid can click the Paid flag to launch QuickBooks
  • In QuickBooks – These are invoices that have been uploaded into QuickBooks already
    • Clicking on the PDF icon on the left side will pull up the PDF of the invoice
    • Clicking the In-QuickBooks button will launch QuickBooks
  • All –  shows all finalized invoices regardless of being in QuickBooks or not. The same actions from the other tabs will be available here based on the invoice being in QuickBooks or not

Sync All with QuickBooks Button / Drop Down Options:

  • Pull Payments from QuickBooks – will Pull down data from QuickBooks.
  • Push Payments to QuickBooks - will push payment data to QuickBooks.
  • Send All Invoices to QuickBooks – this will send all invoices not currently in QuickBooks to QuickBooks.   
  • Verify Sales Tax - this will verify any sales tax sync errors or mismatched sales tax between QuickBooks and ThoroVet invoices.

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