Dental Chart - Objective Template

Dental Chart Objective Template

"Dental Chart 2" is new for 2021 and can be found from the Objective Template options that are included within ThoroVet.
  1. From the Web Admin or Mobile App, during an evaluation, on the Objective Tab, select Templates.
  2. Choose "Dental" for the simple template or "Dental-2" for the full version (shown below).
  3. This list will include the default templates included with ThoroVet as well as your own custom templates

    * Need a refresher on how to create/manage/edit all template? From the Web Admin > Manage SOAP > Objective Templates. See Tutorial Here >>>

You can set reminders for dental exams just like any of your Plan items (products/services). During the evaluation (from either the Web Admin or Mobile App *pictured), click on the clock icon to set the reminder. View the Reminders Tutorial Here for further help.  A green clock (mobile app) means a reminder is set for this patient/item.

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